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Splatterpop and chainsaws

25 years splatterpop

Les Berrtas are born from the early 90s gray Elektrowave. With their "Knochenschäler" (bone peeler) and their Music style Splatterpop they have brought some color into the dark scene.

Les Berrtas are Micha Chainsaw and Kai LF. Micha is the voice of the electronic sounds, which are conceived and produced by Kai LF. After two successful releases and a small tour through the darkest clubs in Germany, they have fallen into a larval stage for 20 years.

Relaxed, but little matured, they crawl back on stage and into the studio in 2016. In 2017 and 2018 further gigs follow and in 2019 the long announced and eagerly awaited new material under the title "Serrapolis" comes onto the market.

The saw splatters again.
Louder than ever!

Les Berrtas Live

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Les Berrtas Gig-History

All past gigs since 2016

Date Venue City Setlist
21.10.2023 EAC Freiberg Freiberg Setlist
02.09.2023 Nocturnal Culture Night 16 Deutzen Setlist
28.04.2022 Batschkapp Frankfurt a.M. Setlist
08.02.2020 Mountain Stomp II Freiberg, Sachsen Setlist
30.11.2019 Urban Spree Berlin Setlist
06.09.2019 Nocturnal Culture Night 14 Deutzen Setlist
19.07.2019 Umsonst & Draußen Karlstadt Setlist
20.06.2019 Umsonst & Draußen Würzburg Setlist
17.11.2018 Labyrinth Würzburg Setlist
18.02.2017 E-Only Altes Stadtbad Leipzig Setlist
30.01.2016 Haus der Jugend Hettstadt Setlist


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